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Homelessness can happen in a second to anyone

People become homeless for many reasons - fire, flood, earthquake, divorce, abuse, and death to name but a few.


It is never through choice.


Homelessness is falling into the depths of hell.


It is humiliating and emotionally devastating.


You lose your belongings. You lose your identity in so many ways and become invisible. But you DO NOT lose your brain.


Many homeless are frozen like a deer in headlights, not knowing which way to go.


In many ways their lives became both easier and much, much harder.


They now have either lost all their belongings and their past or they are trying to pay huge storage fees to keep their belongings and at the same time move forward.



When people become homeless they feel like they fallen down a deep abyss that it is very difficult to climb out of it.



We found ourselves homeless and realized that the knowledge needed to survive the day-to-day situations of being homeless is often gleaned from other homeless people.


We want to share what we learned to help others.


We began working very hard to help other homeless achieve a better life and return to society.



Homeless but Not Helpless

Recognizing that healthy communities depend on respect, dignity, and opportunity for all, we believe that bringing an end to the tragedy of no room in shelters, hungry children, and abused women cannot happen unless we listen to the voices of those who are directly impacted by those problems. The homeless must be participants in the process of creating and implementing solutions.

The Reality

The world of the homeless in Monroe County may seem very far from yours - but the reality is that it is quite near.


Every night, not far from you, hundreds of children, families, veterans and others in your community are experiencing homelessness and many are your neighbors.


If you donít see them, you are not looking.


For the majority experiencing homelessness, it is by circumstance and absolutely not by choice. The loss of a job, the death of a spouse or a child or a severe physical disability became the route to total despair. These are the very real tragedies that have happened to many people experiencing homelessness.


Struck by personal tragedies, the people in shelters in Monroe County have lost their homes and support systems through no fault of their own.


They are not looking to remain homeless.

 You can be a positive factor in repairing this fissure in Monroe Countyís social fabric by helping them move from benches to beds and from shelters to self-sufficiency. 


Sometimes the smallest things will make all the difference.

We can make quite a significant difference in the lives of the homeless when we respond to them, rather than ignore or dismiss them.

A kind word and a smile can re-affirm the humanity, dignity and self-esteem of a person at a time when homelessness seems to have stripped all away.


Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those who are homeless and in our community.


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